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Real-time integration of EHR and resource data can improve quality of care and operational efficiencies.

Caregivers help a child patientHealthcare organizations have long struggled with a difficult dilemma: How can we improve both quality of care and operational efficiency? Finding the right answer to this question will result in high-value health care, in which all patients move to their desired level of wellness as effectively and efficiently as possible.

In developing and implementing our Care Value Management (CVM™) solutions, we’ve found that this objective can be met when you provide caregivers with the information they need to make the right resource allocation decisions at the point of care. Seamlessly integrated with clinical information systems, our CVM Automated Patient Acuity and Patient Assignment solutions provide caregivers with real-time decision support data that they can use to determine the resources required for each patient to reach his or her next desired clinical outcome. This not only creates an evidence-based platform for collaborative care, it also allows you to measure the value the workforce brings to both the efficiency of care and the patient’s experience.

The old dilemma is reflected in traditional software solutions. Clinical information systems document patient needs and expected courses of care. Resource Management systems store nurse competency, skills, and availability data. Integrating these two datasets in real time—at the point of care—Clairvia Care Value Management transforms what was once mere staffing into patient resource assignment. Grasping the power of being able to bridge the value gap by bringing these two datasets together, health care leaders embraced Clairvia CVM Outcomes-Driven Patient Acuity and Demand-Driven Patient Assignment solutions in unprecedented numbers during the last half of 2010, leading to 85 percent increase in sales. And they’re seeing real results.

Marie Mulligan, Vice President for Nursing at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, tells us, “Clairvia’s point-of-care technology allows us to focus on clinical outcomes, resource utilization, and staff, patient, and physician satisfaction.”

For Pam Wiebelhaus, Director of Nursing Systems at St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center, our use of the latest hardware innovations puts a transformative solution at the care team’s fingertips. “By utilizing new tablet technology,” Pam says, “Clairvia empowers our caregivers with information they can act upon, right at the bedside.”

Stop by our booth at the 2011 HIMSS Conference, number 3123, to see complete demonstrations of the system—including the tablet-based point-of-care technology—and talk with us about how your organization can improve care quality, increase patient satisfaction and achieve greater operational efficiency.

See our full press release (PDF).

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